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Announcing a new exhibit: “Vintage Costumed Dolls of Norway”

Friday, April 21, 2023

Announcing a new exhibit: “Vintage Costumed Dolls of Norway”

“Vintage Costumed Dolls of Norway” is an engaging small exhibit at Livsreise that highlights examples of Norwegian costumed dolls made either by Rønnaug Petterssen or Hilde Ege.  In the years between 1934 and 1980, these two women became the premier doll makers of costumed dolls in Norway. They both survived the German occupation of Norway between 1940-45. It is said Hilda may even have hidden resistance fights in her factory! The years after the war were a busy time for them, as tourism returned to Norway and the small sized dolls were perfect as souvenirs. In 1962, a Rønnaug Petterssen doll was given to Caroline Kennedy when the Norwegian Prime Minister visited the United States. Rønnaug’s dolls and patterns now reside at the Norsk Folke Museum in Oslo and Hilda’s dolls and other memorabilia were donated by her daughters to the Emigrant Museum in Hedmark, Norway. (Pictured is an assortment of Rønnaug Pettersen dolls.)

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