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Kegonsa students explore Stoughton’s immigrant past

Thursday, April 8, 2021

Kegonsa students explore Stoughton's immigrant past

On March 24th Livsreise staff put on their bunads (Norwegian costumes) and brought Livsreise into the classrooms and homes of 3rd grade students from Kegonsa Elementary school.  Through a combination of pre-recorded segments and a live Zoom meeting, students were taken on a virtual journey back through time, to the mid 1800’s, when steamships sailed the seas and American Fever was spreading like wildfire across Europe.

The 3rd graders’ virtual fieldtrip started at Livsreise’s journey wall, a visually stimulating collection of pictures and documents that help to tell the immigration story.  The students learned about the reasons why many people chose to immigrate during the 19th century and what life was like once they arrived in America.  The students also got an up-close look at several artifacts from our collections, such as period clothing, kitchen tools, farm implements and other items that were brought or made by immigrants.  Some of the pieces shown were even found right here in Stoughton!

All the children showed such enthusiasm and had many wonderful questions.  When we re-open our doors to the public we hope to see many of them return with their own families to share their experience and enjoy all that Livsreise has to offer.

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