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Kegonsa students explore Stoughton’s Norwegian heritage

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Kegonsa students explore Stoughton's Norwegian heritage

On September 27th the 4th grade students from Kegonsa Elementary School toured Livsreise-Norwegian Heritage Center.  Mayor of Stoughton, Tim Swadley, joined in the fun.  The students were taken on a guided tour of Livsreise’s heritage kiosks and experienced a simulated trip from Norway to Stoughton using the interactive Map your Journey exhibit.  They also enjoyed an up close look at a real immigrant trunk, filled with artifacts.  This trunk was brought to Stoughton by one of Livsreise’s volunteer’s (Debbie Simonson) great grandmothers.  The students shared what they would pack in their trunk as if they were immigrating and learned about how Norwegian culture influenced Stoughton both in the past and continuing to the present time.  We hope to see many of the students return with their own families to share their experience and enjoy all that Livsreise has to offer.

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