Livsreise - Life's Journey

The Experience

Map Your Journey

Experience the journey. Choose your vocation, pack your trunk, and buy a ticket to America by selecting your items on the interactive table. Encounter the landscape and history of Norway as you prepare to journey across the Atlantic to your new life in America.

Emigration Movement

Discover the history behind the Emigration Movement that brought thousands of Norwegian emigrants to America at the turn of the 20th century. This mixed media exhibit examines the social and economic conditions that contributed to the mass emigration and features the experiences of the people who chose to emigrate.

Cultural Heritage Stations

Explore the cultural roots of Norwegian-American heritage. From performing arts and traditional customs to industrial entrepreneurs and the Norwegian language, discover daily immigrant life within these interactive kiosks. Browse to learn about the culture and history of Norway and how it has influenced today’s Norwegian-Americans.

Emigrant Storybooks

Immerse yourself in the stories of emigrants’ personal journeys in America. Turn the pages of these digital volumes — compiled from firsthand accounts, letters and family interviews — to reveal the experiences of various emigrants, highlighting their path to a new life in America.

Celebrate and discover Stoughton's enduring Norwegian identity.